Camping in Uttarakhand | Camping in Himachal

Book Your Trek offers several camping tour packages and offers have made your camping in the Himalayaspretty simpler, and offers and tour packages like corporate camping, student summer camps and more have made easy to categorize and customize your camp needs and shapes. Even you can opt for seasonal camps like summer camps and many more. Garhwal is yet another wonderful route to the Himalayas, imbeds some of the exquisite camping sites. Garhwal gives you plentiful options to camp.

People come to camp in the Himalayas for different purposes; some for a break, some for comprehending nature, and some for adventure and so on. Everyone finds here something to gain for themselves! Meditation, adventures, exploring and much more, genre of activity may be different; but the destination is common- camp in the Himalayas. Feel the eternal vicinity to the lonely rocks, spine-shivering glaciers, dense forests, unseen wildlife, mountain people and their culture and tradition; everything via camping in the Himalayas.


Camping in Bedni Bugyal | Garhwal

6 Day Trip Level: Easy

Camping at Bedni Bugyal brings the most fascinating impressions of the Garhwal Himalayas at its lap with the most undiluted nature's wonders.


Camping in Chopta | Garhwal Himalayas

6 Day Trip Level: Easy

Chopta trek provides wonderful trekking experience throughout the year. Chopta trekking in Uttarakhand during March to May time offers you with pleasant weather and clear skies.


Camping in Gorson Bugyal | Garhwal

7 Day Trip Level: Easy

Camping in Gorson Bugyal is one of the wonderful ways to cross over the lushly meadows to experience those calmness at the Garhwal Himalayas.


Camping in Har Ki Dun | Garhwal

9 Day Trip Level: Easy

Har-ki-Dun, at an altitude of 3566 meters is eternally flourished by glittering high-level peaks and dense forests.