Trekking Tour in India

The Himalayan foothills are just ideal for trekking, hiking and camping which make India a popular destination in the world for Trekking Tour. Scores of tourists from several parts of the globe prefer India Trekking Tour Packages so they can experience the beauty of natural landscape and its captivating geographical features of rivers, streams and glaciers.


Vasuki Tal Trek | Garhwal, India

7 Day Trip Level: Moderate

Vasuki Lake is a pearl set in an unrivalled natural setting. The water is crystal clear and frequently seen with floating blocks of glistering ice.


Khatling Sahastra Trek | Garhwal

17 Day Trip Level: Moderate

Khatling Sahasratal trek is the abbreviated edition of the trek that extends from Ghuttu to the Khatling Glacier and then enlarges further on to Kedarnath.


Kuari Pass Trek | Garhwal, India

9 Day Trip Level: Moderate

Kuari Pass is at the centerpiece of the most notable regions of Garhwal known for its unique wild grandeur. The approach to the trek is via calm but picturesque villages of Chamoli district.


Lakhamandal Trek | Garhwal

7 Day Trip Level: Easy

Lakhamandal positioned on the banks of river Yamuna is often linked with the Lakhshagriha that is described in Mahabharata. An important magnetism of Lakhamandal is its temple dedicated to Bhagwati and Lord Shiva.


Nag Tibba Trek | Garhwal Himalayas

7 Day Trip Level: Easy

Nag Tibba is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan area of Uttarakhand state and lends its name to the 'Nag Tibba Range', itself the next-northerly of the 5 folds of the Himalaya.


Nanda Devi Trek | Garhwal Himalays

17 Day Trip Level: Moderate

Nanda Devi Sanctuary in the Garhwal Himalayas of India is a unique geographical feature. Nanda Devi National Park is situated in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.


Panch Kedar Trek | Garhwal Himalayas

16 Day Trip Level: Moderate

Panch Kedar trek consist of all the 5 shrines linked with the Hindu legends. All of them are to be found in the Kedar Valley. Kedarnath 3580 meters is positioned at the head of the Mandakini River.


Panwali Kedarnath Trek | Garhwal Himalayas

11 Day Trip Level: Moderate

Kedarnath, where 100s of pilgrims arrive from all states of India, the path earnings at first along the sacred Bhagirathi river, then through dense forests and grassy areas as far as Lata.


Roopkund Trek | Garhwal Himalayas India

9 Day Trip Level: Moderate

If you are into trekking and hiking and have not completed the Roopkund trek, then you need to set up planning for it right away. It is one trek that is a must-do.


Valley of Flowers Trek | Garhwal India

8 Day Trip Level: Easy

Valley of Flowers trek has many of tales around it. Stories are generally about travelers falling unconscious from the heavy scent of flowers on the valley floor.

Dayara Bugyal trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek | Garhwal India

6 Day Trip Level: Easy

Dayara in the confined language refers to a rounded plan of earth, shimmering the loop formed green lawn of this Bugyal, margined by gloomy oak and maple forest.

Dayara Bugyal trek

Satopanth Trek | Garhwal India

7 Day Trip Level: Moderate

Satopanth Tal is a hostile lake in the Chamoli region of Uttarakhand which is 26 kms from Badrinath. It is situated in the middle of snow-capped peaks at an height of 4600 m on top of sea-level.